Welcome to NetworkQ.org - over 1900 users and growing - a free and confidential online networking service for the LGBT business school community -- 100% volunteer staffed by your alumni peers -- we're here to protect your privacy and facilitate networking. Please read our vision to learn more about NetworkQ.org, and find out who's who on the Board of NQ. Not an MBA? Attorneys, Doctors, Legislators, and other business people are welcome as "guests" in the system.

NetworkQ is part of the non-profit MemDir.org network which includes the following groups: The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus, The MIT BGALA QNET, The Harvard Latin@ Alumni National Network, The Gay & Lesbian Ivy Alumni Network of Southern California, The Lesbian & Gay Bar Association of Los Angeles, The Gay & Lesbian Ivy Network of Philadelphia; The Duke LGBT Alumni Network, and the Gay & Lesbian Athletics Foundation... all thanks to the programming genius of Bob Mack, a graduate of Harvard Law School.

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Social Capital: Working Together to Create an Online Professional Community.
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As a result of the First Gay and Lesbian Conference, the LGBT Business School Network, a networking collection of Gay and Lesbian Business School groups from around the world, was formed. This website embodies our ideas and events. Please signup and help us make the organization useful for you.

Over 1900 people now use the NetworkQ network. That's 1500+ MBAs and 400+ guests, representing over 200+ business schools from around the world, the likes of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Wharton, Kellogg, Stern, UCLA, and over 200 other business schools from around the World. Non-business school graduates are also encouraged to register with limited access as "guests". Join the online community database. There are email discussion list for each school's alums as well as by industry, geography, and special interest. This network is 100% volunteer supported by your peers, so please consider contributing your time and/or make a donation at the PayPal button below. Volunteer? Let us know at NetworkQ@NetworkQ.org

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The Numbers are IN -- See where your school ranks in terms of sheer numbers of NQ members Wharton is #1, Harvard #2, London #3.

For Industry numbers: Consulting #1, Marketing #2, Entrepreneurship #3, Entertainment #4, High-tech #5

For Geographic numbers: New York #1, San Francisco #2, Europe #3

Are you an LGBT business school student or alumni? (undergraduate, masters/MBA, pHD, and others) If so, then please register for our online community database. Law school, medical school, government school, alums/students are also invited as "guests".